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Note for physicians

The information provided here is in no way a substitute for training in how to carry out the therapy. Please contact us if you are interested.

The NETWORK-PRP develops standardized protocols for the treatment of aesthetic indications with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. In recent years the therapy of thePRP part of blood plasma enriched with many growth factors has become known under the catchword „vampire lift“. Skin status improvements can be successfully carried out with PRP therapy. The treatment of hair loss also shows very good results, which have been supported by studies. Especially in combination with needling and mesotherapy it can be used as a gentle procedure with very good results.



After the blood has been collected in a specially designed container or treatment kit, the blood is centrifuged until the blood components separate. Three components of the plasma can then be removed: the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), the Buffy Coat (BC) and the Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP). Of course, the PRP content is highly effective. Above all, it contains a high concentration of many different growth factors that can unfold their therapeutic effect after injection. In aesthetics, we use a mesogun for the injections, which injects the PRP almost painlessly.
Particularly noteworthy is the fact that in singular therapy no other substances enter the body, but only the body’s own plasma.
However, a wide range of current activities must be mentioned with regard to the addition of further substances. There are some manufacturers who combine PRP with other substances for different indications, for example in aesthetics with hyaluronic acid. The extent to which these combinations can actually improve the results is the subject of our current investigations.
In any case, the combination with the Needling procedure for skin improvement and the combination with mesotherapy for the treatment of hair loss are recommended.

This department, which was only created in 2016, examines not only the combinations and addition of substances, but also the various kits. We want to know which PRP components can be obtained by which method and in which concentration.