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Treatment of hair loss

Patient information about MesoHair

Reduction and decrease of hair loss in female patients


Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure which has a history of more than 50 years and therefore has a respected experience value. It is a treatment method which relies on the combined effect of medicinal, herbal active substances and vitamins on the one hand and physical stimuli on the skin and/or acupuncture points on the other.

It first became known for its successful use in pain therapy. Recently it has gained more and more recognition among patients and doctors, also due to its success in aesthetic medicine.

What happens with MesoHair therapy?

MesoHair is a form of mesotherapy that is used for hair loss that is not caused by illness. In many cases, scalp problems are the cause of partial hair loss or hair thinning. The aim of the treatment is to stop hair loss and to stimulate new hair growth. The required composition of nutrients and active ingredients is individually tailored to you, which is why each treatment is preceded by a medical interview/anamnesis.

Through a hardly noticeable puncture, the individually composed combination of active ingredients is injected into the scalp affected by hair loss with the help of an injection device – a mesogun. The active ingredient is distributed over the entire scalp hair area via diffusion processes.

An intensive stimulation of the repair mechanism of the hair roots via the blood and lymph circulation is set in motion. Tissue purification and cell regeneration of the scalp are activated so that the active ingredients reach their destination as quickly as possible without hindrance.

However, this procedure is only suitable if the hair follicle has not yet died, but is inactive, so that the mesotherapeutic effect can be used to initiate growth and revitalization.

A revitalisation of the scalp cannot be achieved in one treatment session. An individual therapy concept is developed for each patient, which usually consists of 6-8 treatment sessions, the intervals between which become longer and longer. In most cases a visible result occurs after the 4th-6th session.

After successful meso-hair treatment, a maintenance therapy is recommended, which is agreed individually with the treating physician and the patient.

The NETWORK-Globalhealth and the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine

The Globalhealth Network is an international network of physicians with over 2000 members in 64 countries. The Globalhealth Academy has developed a training concept for non-surgical aesthetic procedures and has been training these procedures for several years. Competent trainers and lecturers who enjoy high international recognition are engaged. New developments are passed on to the members in continuous advanced training courses. The basic principle of the Academy is to conduct only objective and neutral training courses.
Further information is available from your NETWORK doctor.

Consent and information

Consent and information
A comprehensive information of the patient about the offered therapy is a special concern for NETWORK physicians, in order to give you as a patient a good basis for your decision. Advice on treatment options as well as objective clarification of all potential risks and side effects is a necessary and desired component of every treatment and the basis of a trusting and long-standing relationship between you, the patient and your treating physician.