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Services and activities of our faculties

At this point we offer a guide on how to find out about our faculties according to your needs.

  1. We recommend requesting our free information material on the individual faculties. You will receive two folders in which the concrete offers are presented.
  2. Inside the first folder (named “Information”) you will find a list of current workshop dates, or the flyers for the closest workshops on the NETWORK.
  3. Inside the second folder you will find technical and factual information as well as application forms.
  4. If you decide to participate in one of our workshops, you will receive membership for the first year free of charge.
  5. As a member of NETWORK-Globalhealth or of the Faculty of Lipolysis and the Faculty of AestheticMeso, you automatically benefit from their numerous achievements.
    • You use the know-how of your colleagues by exchanging experiences and receive contact addresses of our active partners in case of problems.
    • With your workshop participation you will receive recognized training certificates and continuing education points (Germany) for standardized therapies.
    • You benefit from our patient referral service.
    • Lipolysis workshop participants receive starter kits with initial equipment (mesotherapy participants at condensed form).
    • You will receive the necessary forms for your work with patients, e.g. legally verified information forms, etc.
    • You can purchase promotional materials for aesthetic medicine therapies to help you introduce these therapies into your practice.
    • We offer flags and posters for more offensive advertising.
    • We can design homepages for you.
    • Therapy folders with before/after photos can be purchased from us.
    • We offer references to specialist literature via our own download area, individualized presentations for patient information as well as videos and CDs.
    • You can purchase therapy support tools and equipment at a reduced price.
    • Since networking has a significant synergy effect in terms of price, we offer some products exclusively to members of our network.
    • As a member, we will regularly send you our membership circulars.
    • You are cordially invited to participate in M.A.S.T.E.R conferences and member meetings.
    • You benefit from discounts and bonus systems.
    • You will receive offers for Advanced Workshops.
    • You can expand your career options by becoming a speaker, representative or distributor of NETWORK-Globalhealth in many countries around the world.