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High-dose enzymatic food supplement (Bromelain/Papaine)

Degozym is a food supplement with the two ingredients papain and bromelain. Both are plant enzymes from papaya and pineapple that can accelerate and balance the immune system’s reaction to inflammatory processes in the body. The prerequisite for an effect is that the ingredients are of very high quality and purity, that they are used in the right proportion to each other and that the tablets are made resistant to dissolution by the gastric juices through a so-called coating.

This is because the enzymes are absorbed by the intestinal flora and can only establish the immune balance in this way.

In almost all aesthetic treatments, inflammatory processes are triggered as the body’s reaction, from all surgical procedures to laser, radiofrequency and high-frequency ultrasound devices to skin and contour enhancing minimally invasive therapies such as needling, mesotherapy, injection lipolysis, volumising with fillers, PRP therapy or thread lifting.
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For all these treatments, a preparatory and subsequent intake of DEGOZYM may be recommended to bring swelling, redness and bruising, possibly even pain, back to normal more quickly.

DEGOZYM not only helps in the aftercare of aesthetic therapies, but it can also be used for all other processes in which inflammation is caused or develops in the body.

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