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Structure & composition of the NETWORK

Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Structure and composition of NETWORK-Globalhealth and its therapy networks have developed organically. NETWORK-Globalhealth serves as communication and information platform. It coordinates the individual therapy networks and generates synergy effects within. It is responsible for moderation, coordinates work processes, strives for standardizations, registrations, patenting, country-specific adaptations in administrative and legal issues, operates a database, develops training concepts, secures certifications, initiates studies and cooperates with Lichtblick GmbH, which is responsible for administrative and organizational processing for the individual faculties and also bears the economic responsibility.

NETWORK Globalhealth has established a training and qualification institution in the form of the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine. We operate 4 therapy networks so far (3 additional ones are under construction), which supervise and develop the following therapies and promote doctor/patient communication:

  • Faculty of Lipolysis: Standardized Treatment Protocol for Injection Lipolysis
  • Faculty of AestheticMeso: Standardized Treatment Protocol for Aesthetic Mesotherapy
  • Faculty of Keloid: Standardized Treatment Protocol for the Treatment of Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars using Intralesional Cryosurgery
  • Faculty of Cryodent: Treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis and periimplantitis by cryotherapy
  • Faculty of PRP: Standardized treatment protocol for the aesthetic treatment of skin and hair using autologous blood plasma with a high concentration of growth factors
  • Faculty of Thread lift: Standardized treatment protocol for the aesthetic treatment of loss of skin elasticity using re-degradable threads
  • Faculty of CRT: Standardized treatment protocols of the Vita-Balance infusion cure as Cell Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT) with highly purified lecithin for the treatment of diverse membrane-associated diseases
  • ISL – International Society of Lipolysis Therapy is a communication platform for patients