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The History of our NETWORK

We do not love people
because they are beautiful,
but they seem beautiful to us,
because we love them.

Russian proverb

Our NETWORKs history is characterized by a great dynamism with many different strands of development. It all started with an international internet platform, called NETWORK Lipolysis, where physicians were able to exchange information about this at that time almost unknown, new aesthetic therapy – injection lipolysis.

By the end of 2003, we already had received requests from almost 100 physicians who wanted to get trained in the use of injection therapy, which led to an expansion of the platform to include training with a didactic workshop concept and the development of the first treatment protocols from 2004 onwards. In 2004 the first workshops started in Germany. From mid-2004 onwards, many international enquiries were received. During the first few years our main activity as NETWORK-Lipolysis was to hold workshops on injection lipolysis around the globe in order to gain recognition for this therapy among physicians. This appreciation was also important, among other things, to awaken interest amongst universities in scientific studies.

Since injection lipolysis was as unknown to patients at that time as it was to physicians, a doctor/patient network was set up in parallel in the form of a society, the ISL – International Society for Lipolysis therapy. Ever since, patients in twelve countries worldwide have been informed about injection lipolysis via their websites.

The dynamic development of NETWORK Lipolysis, the rapid worldwide implementation of the developed therapy standard and the diverse use of the communicative offers by doctors and patients impressively demonstrated the positive effects of a self-organizing, moderated network. The members also recognized that and wished for similar developments for other therapies.

This resulted in the launch of the NETWORK-Globalhealth in early 2006 to promote the accommodation of other unknown therapies or those, which still had to be standardized. This led to the launch of the Faculty of AestheticMeso and the Faculty of Cryodent in the same year.

With the Globalhealth Academy, a product- and company-independent training platform for stablished, minimally invasive therapies in the aethetic field that take up new approaches was created in 2008.

Since 2010, members have been working on infusion therapy with the active ingredient polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC) and have actively contributed to this further development within the Faculty of CRT.

The Faculty of PRP and the Faculty of Thread Lift were added because a lot of development and standardization work also needs to be done in these two fields of indication. Therefore, organizational structures for extended communication were created in 2016.

Nowadays, NETWORK-Globalhealth is a renowned partner for many doctors and institutions. It is constantly evolving and forming new organizational patterns that lead to new trainings, innovative products developed by physicians and multiply networked communication structures.