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NETWORK Extended Medicine

Our services

What does the NETWORK offer?

For the time being, the NETWORK offers a selection of proven concepts or models presented by the respective provider(s).

We consider our services as further training (or secondary literature), not as completely new training programme.

The exclusive purpose of our services lies in the desire to provide multiple or extended offers in diagnostics and therapy in the treatment of chronic diseases.

As moderators of the network, we are responsible for the independence of our services from ideological or supposedly scientific dogmas. It is our original task to offer a forum that informs about extended procedures and initiates discussion spaces to generate integration and eliminate confrontation. This is more necessary today than ever before. Simultaneous, conventional medical procedures that have fallen into oblivion or been marginalized due to technological and pharmacological overvaluation are to be recalled.

Any ideological fundamentalism, whether generated by faith or commercial interests, is hostile to the solution of global problems or systemic networks and prevents a medicine that is valid worldwide.

Our exclusive interest lies in offering “successful” concepts because he who heals is right.

Whether the underlying theoretical construct is true or not is only of secondary interest to us.

It is the task of our science to prove how successful things work and not to establish an ideological discourse on the question why a procedure cannot be successful at all, and it cannot be the task of “alternative” concepts to proclaim esoteric nonsense and work past official science, as some self-proclaimed healers practice. Complacency in areas of medical establishment or alternative-complementary scene is no in the patient’s best interests, but usually only in self-interests of spokesmen.

We do not recommend “conventional” therapies if they are not successful, not for ideological reasons.

However, we recommend treatment with phospholipids because it is successful and is a conventional medical therapy.

We have checked each and every of our services for integrity and offer them because they have proven their worth, not because we identify with them.

… continue to the training information within the medical context.