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What is NETWORK Aesthetics?

  • An information platform of the NETWORK-Globalhealth, which is addressed to physicians as well as to patients
  • A worldwide network of physicians in aesthetic medicine with a focus on minimally invasive aesthetic therapies
  • A training center, Academy, which teaches minimally invasive therapies in theory and practice in a qualified manner and establishes standards for this purpose
  • An institution that, through cooperation with universities, researches the mechanisms and procedures of the therapies in which training is provided
  • A platform that ensures that patients have access to well-trained physicians by its Google based search function

What is the history of NETWORK Aesthetics? And how has its development proceeded?

  • In 2004, NETWORK Lipolysis was founded as a cooperation of some dedicated physicians and the operators of Lichtblick GmbH and initially dealt with the injection lipolysis therapy, which is colloquially also called fat-way syringe.
  • The NETWORK developed the first standardized treatment protocols for this therapy through its own research and patient surveys, which are now accepted worldwide.
  • Patients have thus been given the greatest possible degree of safety in the use of this therapy for injection lipolysis.
  • Injection lipolysis is nowadays accepted by many patients and physicians as an adjunct or alternative to surgical fat treatments of smaller fat deposits.
  • The safety architecture for physicians and patients established in lipolysis could be extended to many minimally invasive therapies that were also in urgent need of standardization, such as
    • Aesthetic Mesotherapy/li>
    • MicroNeedling
    • Thread Lift
    • Treatment with platelet-rich blood plasma (PRP)

For all these therapies, standardized treatment protocols are or have been developed and tested in practice by the medical community.

  • The Globalhealth Academy was founded as an educational institution of the NETWORK-Aesthetics and developed a comprehensive training concept (incl. Hyaluron-Filler, Botulinum, etc.) for aesthetic medicine

What does the network offer?

  • At the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine, company-independent training is offered in all major minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.
  • Additional basic courses on anatomy as well as compositional esthetics are offered.
  • Network members are supported in integrating and implementing the therapies into practice.
  • The network organizes exchange and cooperation among physicians.
  • IThe annual Summer Academy and the biennial M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference offer a wide range of topics and provide opportunities for personal contact and mutual exchange.
  • The network examines, independently of company interests, which products are recommended to use when applying the therapies.
  • Access to the support of over 1,500 NETWORK colleagues and a medical hotline.
  • By searching for doctors on the NETZWERK homepage, patients can find physicians in their area who are proficient in the requested minimally invasive procedures.

Patients can obtain information about the various therapies in a product-neutral and company-independent manner.

What is the philosophy behind NETWORK Aesthetics?

  • We take our guiding principle from the World Health Organization’s preamble: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
  • Aesthetic medicine can accompany a healing process by helping people to feel more comfortable.
  • To this end, we have developed a patient-friendly philosophy that we call Composite Esthetics. It refers to gentle therapies for patients who want treatment that is not medically necessary. And it is committed to a holistic approach to so-called esthetic deficits. In cooperation with the patient, the respective condition is considered holistically in order to determine the adequate gentle procedure with the patient.
  • A socially important topic of aesthetic medicine is the accompaniment of the aging process. Here, efforts are always made to select the procedure with the lowest degree of invasiveness or intervention in relation to the goal and means.
  • We want to improve life with the treatments and neither chase after short-term ideals of beauty, nor underestimate the increase of attractiveness by aesthetic treatments.