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Skin treatments

Patient information about micro-needling

Treatment of skin irregularities, skin tightening and rejuvenation, against cellulite and stretch marks

The Needling Procedure

Micro-needling has recently become a success trend in the anti-aging field.

The application areas of this procedure are versatile and the successful results are convincing.

Treatment and effect

The skin is treated with a roller covered over and over with ultra-fine surgical steel needles. They penetrate into the horny, uppermost skin layer and detach the dead cells. The resulting mechanical stimulus stimulates the skin tissue to produce collagen. This process is described as regenerative wound healing.

The result: tension smoothing of the skin, irregularities are alleviated, elasticity, hydration and blood circulation of the skin improve measurably. Valuable care and anti-aging products are absorbed faster and more intensively by the skin and can thus fully unfold their effectiveness.

Areas of application for micro-needling


Skin tightening in general:

can be used on the face as well as on the body for all disturbing skin surpluses. Very good results also in combination with injection lipolysis or mesotherapy.

Stretch marks:

one of the most difficult indications to treat. By stimulating collagen production, however, a significant improvement can be achieved. Here, too, a combination with injection lipolysis or mesotherapy makes sense.

The NETWORK-Globalhealth and the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine

The Globalhealth Network is an international network of physicians with over 2000 members in 64 countries. The Globalhealth Academy has developed a training concept for non-surgical aesthetic procedures and has been training these procedures for several years. Competent trainers and lecturers who enjoy high international recognition are engaged. New developments are passed on to the members in continuous advanced training courses. The basic principle of the Academy is to conduct only objective and neutral training courses.
Further information is available from your NETWORK doctor.

Consent and information

A comprehensive information of the patient about the offered therapy is a special concern for NETWORK physicians, in order to give you as a patient a good basis for your decision. Advice on treatment options as well as objective clarification of all potential risks and side effects is a necessary and desired component of every treatment and the basis of a trusting and long-standing relationship between you, the patient and your treating physician.