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Threads – Thread Lift (I – II – III)

Field-tested treatment protocols for absorbable threads

At the moment we only offer fixed dates for German speaking doctors.
If you are interested in a training course write an email, we collect interested physicians.

Thread-ICONS – Threads I:
Theory and practice of regenerative therapy of the skin using PDO monofilaments – Hands-On Training

Thread-ICONS is the abreviation for Indication Coded Operational Network Standards

The basic course Threads I deals with the great potential of skin regeneration, which is given by the monofilament threads. The so-called shrinking effect only sets in optimally under certain conditions. The course teaches the participants in theory and the subsequent hands-on training the correct insertion of the threads with the optimal materials for this indication.
The insertion of monofilaments is easy to learn and can be used well by almost any aesthetic practitioner.

Included in the workshop price:
○ Treatment material incl. monofilament threads for training
○ Organisation of test persons
○ a USB stick with all training and therapy materials
○ Medical care
○ Start-up support for one year after training

Thread-ICONS – Threads II:
Theory and practice of deeper threads (PDO, PCL) with lifting effect – Hands-On – Practical Course

The course is designed to be practically oriented and to prepare for the introduction of the therapy into one’s own practice.
In this advanced training, deeper sutures with traction effect, for example bidirectional cogs and anchor cogs, are placed. Sutures with barbs or attached cons (barbs and cogs) are used depending on the indication. These are placed deep and have the strongest pulling effect. Dr. Mikowsky explains the entire standardised network treatment protocol in his online webinar and then demonstrates the treatment live online on test persons.

On the Hands-On Practice Day, the live treatment of deep traction threads on several test persons is planned under the guidance of Dr. Mikowsky.

Included in the workshop price:
○ Treatment material incl. the threads for the training and organisation of test persons
○ a USB stick with all training and therapy materials
○ Medical care
○ SStart-up support for one year after training

Theory as online live webinar and presence hands-on practice day

Thread-ICONS – Threads III:
Exclusive hands-on training for tension and special threads

(This online course is in preparation)

This video course is aimed at experienced users of different threads and at participants of the courses Thread Lift I and II.

Various innovative materials and their properties will be briefly presented, and their treatment protocols and insertion points will be taught. Dr Mikwosky will then perform the treatment on several patients.

Special threads are dealt with as soon as they are available on the market and have been tested by our NETWORK.

Your instructors

Dr. med. Margrit Lettko
Specialist in general medicine, Graduate psychologist
Medical Director of Department Lipolysis
Board of Directors of the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Peter Mikowsky
Specialist in plastic surgery
Certified instructor of the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine
Member of the Advisory Board of the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine

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