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Extended Medicine Distance Learning Academy – Anti-Aging


Overview of the department

Anti-aging medicine deals with the subject of slowing down ageing processes. Commonly 3 different areas are defined, hormone replacement therapies, cell renewal and aesthetic medicine. We have organised our own network for aesthetic medicine, so it does not play a role here. In this field, we concentrate on ways to ensure cell renewal and preservation. We therefore deal with a very old and scientifically researched therapy, the treatment and renewal of cell membranes with a highly purified lecithin, polyenylphosphatidylcholine, Cell Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT) as well as therapies to support the power plants within our cells, Mitochondrial Therapy.

Phosphatidylcholine - CRT

What is dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine?

Dilli gives you the answer here:

The Vita-Balance infusion cure

for recovery of the whole body

Distance learning programme

So far, 7 lectures with Prof Gundermann are available and an eighth is in preparation. Prof Gundermann has taken on the task of first describing and evaluating the current therapies applied through recommendations and studies. He then discusses the contribution that cell renewal therapy can make to the respective clinical picture.

Introduction to Cell Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT) with the Vita-Balance cure with Adj. Prof. K. J. Gundermann

Lecture 01:     Dyslipidaemia and atherosclerosis
Lecture 02:     ALD and NAFLD – Alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases
Lecture 03:     Hepatic intoxication and chronic hepatitis
Lecture 04:     Diabetes
Lecture 05:     Ageing
Lecture 06:     Gastrointestinal (incl. ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease)
Lecture 07:     Neurological impairments
Lecture 08:     Skin (In preparation)

You can access the individual lectures as video-on-demand from our homepage for a small fee. The application for CME continuing education points is also in preparation. You will also receive a certificate from the Globalhealth Academy for the individual lectures.

The lectures include a digital hand-out to support learning, which will be made available to you as a download when booking or with the course video.

Price per lecture: 70 € / 65 € for members
when booking the complete lecture cycle CRT (1-8) we grant you a 10% discount on the sum of the individual prices.

If you book the whole lecture cycle for CRT, the one-year Start-Up Support of the network worth 80 € is also included. You will find advantages and services of the NETWORK support HERE. Interested parties who book only part of the lecture series will be charged separately for the one-year support price. From the second year onwards, the membership fee is reduced to 50 EUR (all prices incl. VAT).

Assistants receive a Young Academy discount of 10% on all Academy training courses.

The infusion solutions
The infusion solutions with highly purified lecithin (polyenylphosphatidylcholine, PPC) are produced in Germany by two pharmacies as prefecture drugs. The network has tested the quality of the solutions produced. We would be happy to name the two manufacturers we recommend. The same applies to Switzerland.

Write us a mail here or call us: +49 (0) 2508 – 2159 – 300

Phosphatidylcholine at the M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference 2019

3 exciting lectures on the topic of phosphatidylcholine

A new oral phosphatidylcholine and its use in injection lipolysis and cell renewal therapy (CRT)

Adj. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann

Lecture by Adj. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann at the M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference 2019

Prof Gundermann’s lecture focused less on the presentation of our new oral PPC and more on the possibilities that oral use opens up. As always, he supported his presentation with numerous studies on oral administration. It became clear that there is no oral PPC of the required quality on the European market so far. It was also important to note that the direct effect of infusion therapy cannot simply be replaced by oral intake, but that oral PPC has several possibilities in store for you:

  1. As supplementary and maintenance therapy after the infusions,
  2. As a substitute for infusion therapy for patients who do not tolerate infusion therapy well or refuse it for other reasons,
  3. As a continuous preventive measure to maintain cellular functions and As an additional administration in injection lipolysis treatments with high dosages to support the metabolisation of the dissolved fat and thus achieve better results because the organism responds better to the stress of a larger fat dissolution process.

Recent studies on the iv. Application of phospholipids and possibilities of injection instead of infusion with Nano PPC

Adj. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann
Lecture by Adj. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann at the M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference 2019

As always, Prof. Gundermann was able to surprise with many new studies on the effect of the PPC from the last few years alone, thus proving once again the wide range of effects of the highly enriched PPC. The new nano PPC has especially the advantage that the DOC bile acid is no longer needed to dissolve the PPC and thus the whole application is considerably improved because infusions do not have to be given anymore but the solution can be injected slowly iv. because phlebitis, which could occur due to the DOC, is thus avoided. This applies in particular, of course, to all patients who have always had vein problems, but also to risk groups such as children and diabetics, for whom glucose can be dispensed with. The extent to which the smaller particle size of the PPC molecules (40 instead of 200 nanometers) also allows better bioavailability could not be conclusively clarified at the present time.

Presentation of the results of a combination of CRT therapy and oxyvenation.

Dr. Thorsten Muthorst

Presentation by Dr. Thorsten Muthorst at the M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference 2019

The term oxyvenation will not be familiar to many members. However, the Society for Oxyvenation is already 40 years old and deals with the positive effect of oxygen added to the blood by a special device. It has been a positive surprise that PPC as an essential phospholipid can support the effects of the therapy very well, which is why many users also use the combination therapy of PPC infusions and oxyvenation. Dr. Muthorst has many years of experience with this combination, but in his presentation he took into consideration the audience who heard about this therapy option for the first time.

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Mitochondrial Medicine

Mitochondrial Medicine – Science or Hocus Pocus?
Possibilities and limits of an innovative therapy option

Dr. Michael Wagener

Presentation by Dr. Michael D. Wagener at the M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference 2019

Dr. Wagener’s lecture was a further development of the lecture he gave at the last Summer Academy. He was able to show why the study of mitochondria and their medical therapy has recently become increasingly important. In this field of research, there have been many advances and developments that cast a completely new light on the function of mitochondria and how they can be positively influenced by suitable agents such as PPC or coenzyme Q10. It became clear that more precise diagnostics are required for treatment, on which the network is currently working (see presentation by Prof. König in the section “Aesthetic Medicine / PRP”).

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