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Treatment with PRP

Patient information about autologous plasma treatment

Skin improvement (“vampire lift”), treatment of acne, scars and hair loss

The “Vampire Lift”

With increasing age, the body produces less and less collagen and the cells’ natural ability to regenerate diminishes. Skin and connective tissue lose elasticity and volume, resulting in wrinkling and sagging.

Vampire lifting, also known as PRP plasma lifting (PRP = Platelet-Rich plasma), is a relatively new, low-risk method of wrinkle treatment. It is a method that makes use of the body’s own ability to regenerate itself.


A small amount of blood is taken from the patient. The blood plasma obtained by subsequent centrifugation has a very high proportion of platelets and growth factors. Now plasma and platelets can be enriched with substances such as amino acids and vitamins. This is injected into the subcutaneous tissue by the doctor using fine needles. As a result, a natural regeneration process is initiated: Stimulation of the cell growth of connective tissue cells, promotion of collagen production, formation of new vessels. The skin appears firmer and wrinkles are padded. In addition, the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated. In this way an all-round rejuvenating effect is achieved.

A special advantage of this therapy is to be seen in the fact that no foreign substances, but exclusively components of the own blood are used therapeutically.

Especially patients who are sceptical about wrinkle treatment with foreign materials are increasingly opting for this natural form of skin regeneration. Since only autologous blood concentrate is used, no allergic reactions caused by foreign substances are to be feared.

The treatment takes approx. 40-60 minutes and is painless, but if desired, the area to be treated can be prepared with a sedation cream.

Initial swelling disappears relatively quickly due to cooling or special face masks. The patient recognises the first successes after a few days. The process of cell regeneration is completely completed after approx. 2-3 months. The body’s own substances are broken down again by the body over time. The successful result of this therapy lasts up to 1.8 years. A refreshment by PRP once a year stabilizes and strengthens the success.

Areas of application/ Indications

  • Skin improvement (face, neck, décolleté)
  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Wound treatment (improved healing process when plasma plates are inserted into the open wound)
  • Hair loss (Some good publications already exist for hair loss). It should be noted that only inactive hair follicles can be reactivated. Hair loss is at least stopped and the hair becomes thicker and fuller again.
  • Globalhealth-Academy members prefer a combination treatment with mesotherapy (MesoHair)
  • Better anchoring in the skin after hair transplants.


The NETWORK-Globalhealth and the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine

The Network-Globalhealth is an international network of physicians with over 2000 members in 64 countries. The Globalhealth Academy has developed a training concept for non-operative aesthetic procedures and has been training these procedures for several years. Competent trainers and lecturers who enjoy high international recognition are engaged. New developments are passed on to the members in continuous advanced training courses. The basic principle of the Academy is to conduct only objective and neutral training courses.
Further information is available from your NETWORK doctor.

Consent and information

A comprehensive information of the patient about the offered therapy is a special concern for NETWORK physicians, in order to give you as a patient a good basis for your decision. Advice on treatment options as well as objective clarification of all potential risks and side effects is a necessary and desired component of every treatment and the basis of a trusting and long-standing relationship between patient and treating physician.