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Lichtblick GmbH

Lichtblick GmbH, a marketing agency with its focus on medicine, has been operating and organizing several networks in aesthetic medicine and dentistry since 2003.

Lichtblick GmbH was founded in 1983 as a GbR and converted into a GmbH in 1992. It has occupied a good position in the market with standardized therapy procedures, which is continuously gaining in importance. Lichtblick GmbH has excellent connections in aesthetic medicine and has been able to attract a team of consultants with high scientific and strategic standings.

Lichtblick GmbH develops, moderates, supervises NETWORKs for doctors and their further training offers and services. In addition, it organizes the distribution of therapy-accompanying products.

It bears the economic responsibility for the operation of the individual faculties. It arranges cooperations, communication between and with the members and manages the administrative handling of all the business processes.

The managing director of Lichtblick GmbH is Dr. Michaele Hetzel.
Lichtblick GmbH has two shareholders: Thorsten Heming and Volker Schrader.