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Anatomy Course “Aesthetic facial treatment”

For botulinum toxin A – fillers – injection lipolysis – sutures (one-day practical course on facial anatomy with special emphasis on aesthetic procedures).

At the moment we only offer fixed dates for German speaking doctors.
If you are interested in a training course write an email, we collect interested physicians.

A variety of anatomical courses focusing on aesthetic treatments of the face are currently offered worldwide. Few of these courses, however, teach evidence-based current scientific concepts for a profound understanding of facial anatomy.

Our anatomy course conveys current knowledge from science and research on the topic of facial anatomy and aesthetics, based on independent information transfer and without the influence of industrial partners. Heads (fresh-frozen preparations) are prepared in small groups under the guidance of experienced colleagues (4 participants per table).

Emphasis will be placed on the understanding and positional relationships of the anatomical structures and how these change in the course of ageing processes and can be influenced with the help of the latest therapies.

Aims of the course:

  • Understanding the 5-layered structure of the face
  • Projection of the superficial and deep fat compartments onto the skin surface
  • Knowledge of the nervous and vascular danger zones in the face
  • Seeing the details of mimic muscles and their three-dimensional position
  • The face: interaction of bones, ligaments, fat compartments and muscles in the ageing process
  • Improvement of injection techniques based on sound anatomical principles
  • Modules: Fillers, threads, injection lipolysis and botulinum toxin

With the kind support of Galderma


PD Dr. Thilo Schenck
Dr. Michael J. Weidmann
et al.

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