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Our training

Our training within medical context

We consider it redundant to satisfy all the subjects of training and certainly not their inherent ideological claims of priority.

In our opinion, originality belongs to the world of art but not of medicine.

Uniqueness is an attribute of the fairy tale world.

We assume that modern medicine represents human experience at its best. Our life expectancy has improved. You, dear doctors, have successfully completed this difficult and demanding vocational education. Based on that you are used to decide what you apply for diagnosis and therapy.

So, you don’t have to convert to a classical Chinese medicine man to treat patients successfully. You would get worse, as all ideologues and converts do. Medicine is no religion, which is merely based on philosophical axioms or paradigms. But these should certainly be received because they are often constitutive for respective therapeutic concepts. A definition of health and disease should precede a medical concept.

There are plenty of therapeutic, successful trainings that can only be learned at selected universities. These sensible and successful approaches are also often ignored by the government´s health policy and health insurance companies. This regrettable fact is mainly a result of thriving lobbying by influential corporations.

In this context, it seems strange when the loss of self-respect and respect for the work of others continues to escalate in throwing around accusations like “that is unscientific” or “that is mumbo jumbo”, ignoring the fact that philosophy and science are only kept alive by arising controversies and that there is no consensus in science, certainly not among criteria of truth.

If this results in the misjudgement, that homeopathic remedies contain “nothing”, then that is unscientific and unacceptable. There is no “nothing” in this universe. This has at least been scientifically proven since Einstein and Heisenberg: E=mc². But then again this says nothing about the accuracy of homeopathy itself, let alone about its standardisation abilities and the benefits of energetic therapies.

The problem with energetic treatment is the fact that is works, i.e., that it creates powerful effects and does not only live in one´s imagination (whatever is meant by that), especially in patients who are open to it. The placebo effect also exists as a proven therapeutic effect, as an interdisciplinary working group of the German Research Foundation has recently worked out. It is true that it is unclear what exactly it effects because its impact is complex to measure. For this reason, we have made a point of selecting therapies on the basis of whether they have been empirically proven to be effective and did not leave any damage.

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About energy, an evident example: You remember you had a phone call with New York the other day and o surprise, you were understood even though there is “noting in between”. So, your message arrived on the basis of energy or rather frequencies. That is all we need in every single energetic therapy. Our body needs a message, mostly to dissolve energetic blockages, the rest is done by physics itself, as it happened through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. At least, that is how energetic therapies see themselves.

This can also be questioned, especially if this is to be applied to every pathological condition without having checked whether the self-healing powers are up to the induced demands. Random use of energetic therapies in rapid succession, without thorough and sound diagnosis, is irresponsible and thus the “alternative or complementary” protagonists contradict their own premises. If something works, it can also exert harmful side effects on a patient’s system.

Energetic treatments prove most useful in prophylaxis, prevention. The doctors in times of the beginning of TCM only got paid for prophylaxis and no longer if their patient became ill.

What is underrepresented in science today is interdisciplinary research. Systematic problems such as the epidemic occurrence of chronic diseases can only be solved through interdisciplinary research. The lack of cooperation and teamwork among chairs and faculties makes this difficult or even impossible. Man is alive, he is a metabolic being, life is his energy, it is downright unscientific not to treat and research this energy directly and to criminally leave this field to spiritual healers, charlatans, and self-satisfied miracle therapists. Newton’s mechanics apply to machines, not to living beings, it is in science responsibility, including medicine, to investigate and clear the manifestations and not to exclude them.

A doctor treats life or a living body, and in doing so we do not get far with Newtonian mechanics or banal cause-effect models of thought, just as little as with the outdated dualism of a Descartes. Energy, life or spirit and body, system of sociality are two sides of one and the same object in the field of medicine specifically: the human being.

And so it happens that Einstein`s and Heisenberg`s results have not yet found any significant influence on the fundamental paradigms of medicine, except in areas of medical (surgery and radiology) and pharmaceutical industries.

Concrete examples will illustrate this:

  • Between 1979 and 1980, a study by the German Ministry of Health measured the homeopathic remedies with a biophoton meter. The result: the higher the dilution or potency, the more intense the radiation. The current state of research on homeopathy includes randomised controlled clinical trials, meta-analyses, basic research as well as health care research.
  • Bacteria change their genetic potential simultaneously over thousands of kilometres.
  • Quantum field theory shows that once atoms have been in contact with each other, they chance simultaneously to the limit of the universe when manipulated at any location.
  • In the last decade, the existence of mirror neuron activity has been proven, although there is “nothing in between”.
  • In the early 1990s, a study was published that showed that rheumatism and other chronic inflammatory processes are linked to inflammatory problems of the intestine. This is exactly what TCM says.
  • For some time past there have been studies and also chairs, including interdisciplinary and inter-university working and research groups, which have proven that the healing effects of placebo are based on a chance in brain structures. Placebo research (placebo and nocebo) is on the rise nationally and internationally. A careful observer can see that much of human history and human excellence is based on beliefs. Why is the subject of spiritual power valued derogatorily to non-existent?
  • Allegedly, self-healing powers are not scientifically proven. When it rains, the earth gets wet. These are evidence of a science that relies exclusively on empirical studies whose questions and paradigms have often been limited. Wound healing, stem cell therapies, indeed the whole of evolution is based on the development of autopoietic biological organisms or systems (see Maturana, Varela), which are equipped with energies and blueprints.
  • For some time past it has been a matter of course that the universe is not empty or that there is nothing in it. There is dark matter etc., etc. etc. We are continuously bombarded by myriads of neutrinos. That should have no effect on us?

But which ones? This can only be clarified on an interdisciplinary basis.

… continue to your benefits.