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»Injection Lipolysis«

Intensive course for advanced users

Price incl. VAT:

€ 990 – Access only for members who have already attended the injection lipolysis practical course.

You can find the upcoming course dates on our COURSE SCHEDULE

The course has been completely redesigned by Dr. Lettko in recent years. Many years of experience and the wishes of previous participants have been incorporated into the new concept. The advanced course is aimed at all those who have attended the basic lipolysis course and would like further or more in-depth information on the therapy.

One aim of this advanced course is to be able to vary and adapt the standard protocol practiced to date to the individual patient: in particular changes to the total dose, the dosage per injection and the dilution of the NETZWERK compound. The background to this is that we want to provide support in the treatment of so-called non-responders.
Special emphasis is placed on facial treatment, as refined techniques and dosages can be used there.

Other important topics of the training include further information on the mechanism of action, the possibilities of combining with other therapies, difficult indications and regions (e.g. knees, cellulite, gynecomastia), the use of Nano PPC, the exchange of experience and discussion between participants and the treatment of complications.

Possible combinations of injection lipolysis with e.g. ketogenic diet, LDM ultrasound or cryolipolysis will also be discussed.
Prerequisite for registration is prior participation in the basic lipolysis course and experience with the NETZWERK treatment protocol.

Your lecturer

Dr. med. Margrit Lettko
Director of NETWORK-Lipolysis

Do you have any questions about our courses or do you need registration documents?

Please contact Ms. Keller:
Phone: +49 – (0)2508-21 59-200
or send us an e-mail: send e-mail

Workshop participant feedback

“I am delighted to be part of the network and am really impressed by its administrative structure and the organization behind it.”
Prof. Dr. Kesselring, plast. Surgeon, CH

“Great speakers, very practical”
Dr. Sandra Moritz. D

“Very good, better than expected. After 9 years of practical lipolysis, I thought I was perfect. I learned a lot here.”
Klaus Esenwein, D

“The workshops I attended were without doubt the best teaching courses in aesthetic medicine that I have ever attended. A thorough and full day of detailed instruction was given including lectures, informal discussion and many practical demonstrations on volunteer patient models.”
Dr Mark Palmer, UK