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MASTER Class »Filler Special«

Intensive course for advanced users

At the moment we only offer fixed dates for German speaking doctors.
If you are interested in a training course write an email, we collect interested physicians.

This advanced training course for advanced users deals with all the latest developments and issues in hyaluron filler treatment.

What concept treatments are there and can they be used in daily practice? What is the 8-point technique, the Nefertiti lift or the Di-Mayo technique? Are there useful injection devices? These are just some of the questions.

The MASTER Class Filler course deals with all indications that already require the basic knowledge of the beginner courses. These are either in anatomically deeper layers or they treat regions whose treatment one should know exactly.

To name a few examples:
○ Different lip treatment techniques
○ Treatment of the hands
○ Treatment of the tear trough and the eye region
○ Volume build-up through Liquid Lifting
○ Treatment of the chin region

Complications and their possible treatment are the subject of this training for advanced users.
The different techniques of application – blunt or pointed – for example, are also interesting questions that can be discussed in the course.

Your instructor

Dr. med. Michael J. Weidmann
Specialist in dermatology
Director of the NETWORK Global Health Academy
Instructor for mesotherapy of Department AetheticMeso
Vice-President of ELAS (European Laser and Aesthetic Surgery)
Member of the German Expert Commission Botulinum Toxin

Do you have questions about our courses or do you need registration documents?

Please contact Mrs. Anna Keller:
Phone: +49 – (0)2508-21 59-200
or send an email: send e-mail