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Description of the NETWORK

You have come into contact with the NETWORK either via internet at Globalhealth or the therapy networks, via conversations at congresses, our presence in social media, telephone calls, product offers or via our newsletter. Your concern, interest or need determines the place of your networking and our active approach to you. Contact and communication with Globalhealth and the sub-networks are naturally non-binding.

What do we mean by active participation?

In addition to the development of new therapeutic options, their standardization and company-independent training, the individual NETWORKs see themselves particularly as supporters for their members. Our aim is to serve and support you bearing in mind your very specific situation. For this purpose, active participation of each member is useful.

What we can offer you

Over the recent years we developed the following services:

  • Continuous training as part of a holistic training concept, for members at a discounted price
  • International M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference every 3 year
  • Annual NETWORK meeting at the SUMMER ACADEMY on Majorca
  • Support for the integration of new benefits into the liability insurance policy
  • Inclusion in our Search for Doctors for the aesthetic therapies you offer and patient referrals
  • Patient information on many aesthetic services
  • Marketing material for your surgery, such as brochures, flyers, flags, etc. for many minimally invasive therapies
  • Purchasing advantages due to our own NETWORK shop and distribution
  • Support of product developments based on ideas and suggestions from our members, e.g., Skin Attitude Pain & Side Effect Management with the After Care Gel and the enzyme preparation Degozym against swellings and hematomas as well as 5 different “ReadyMade” mixtures for mesotherapy
  • Establishing interesting new therapy faculties
  • Support calls by our support team