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SA-Mask Sachet with HA

Skin Attitude Mask

Sterile face mask to soothe the skin

As the name suggests, the fleece mask was developed for the aftercare of almost all facial treatments. The network members saw the need to develop their own mask for two reasons in particular.

On the one hand, most masks used in aesthetic medicine only contain the active ingredient hyaluronic acid, which in some procedures gives the face a plumping effect that lasts about an hour, but has no effect on the skin irritation that has occurred. In the Skin Attitude mask, on the other hand, ingredients were used that minimise the irritation and thus conclude the treatment in a very soothing way.
On the other hand – and this was by far the more important reason for developing our own mask – the masks used until then were not sterile. For responsible doctors, however, sterility is a very important criterion in order to exclude as far as possible all factors that could cause complications.

The handling of the mask is very simple. It is removed directly after the treatment and applied to the face. It immediately unfolds a cooling effect and then infiltrates the active ingredients contained.

It is used in many facial treatments such as mesotherapy, needling, PRP therapy or after laser treatments. In 15-30 minutes, the skin reaction can be minimised. The natural result is a quicker restoration of the ability to socialise.

Of course, the mask can also be used by you for all other skin inflammations on the face.

Our products can be obtained from our NETWORK doctors or via our Online-Shop.