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Memphosan 120 Kapseln


Food supplement for the rejuvenation of the cell membrane

PPC or polyenylphosphatidylcholine is a molecular combination of different phosphatidylcholines. These phosphatidylcholines – also called highly enriched lecithins – can only be extracted from the soybean in this purity, but they no longer contain soy proteins. The most important molecule in PPC is the so-called DLPC or delinoleoyl – phosphatidylcholine. Incidentally, all phosphatidylcholines contained in PPC are also produced by the body itself in small quantities.

PPC is used to make the membranes of our cells more flexible again and thus more permeable. The membranes are sheaths that are placed around every cell; but not only around every cell, also around the mitochondria, which are the power plants of our cells. Nutrients enter the cell through the membrane, which the cell urgently needs to survive, but also to fulfil its tasks. At the same time, waste that the cell does not need is expelled through the membranes. In addition to this task of protecting the cell and ensuring its survival, the membranes also fulfil further functions, they virtually control the activity of the cells through proteins.

Memphosan is a food supplement with the ingredient PPC.
Memphosan is vegan and free of palm oil or coconut oil

Here is a short video that explains the effects of the DLPC in a very simple way:

You can find Memphosan in our Shop.

With increasing age, the membranes become less flexible and allow fewer substances to pass through. This has an impact on almost every disease, especially of course on chronic disease patterns; but not only on diseases, but also on the ageing process itself and on current challenges to the organism from the environment such as stress or burnout.

Phosphatidylcholine is not only the builder of our membranes, but it has many other tasks in the body. Larger amounts are also found in the joints, especially in the knee joint. There it serves the fluid mobility of the joints. Phosphatidylcholine also has many tasks in the lungs or in the intestines; it forms protective layers that prevent harmful substances or attackers from entering the wrong areas of the body, e.g. it protects the intestinal wall from the bacteria that break down food.

PPC is not commonly used as a single therapy for a specific condition, for example a diabetic needs insulin. However, PPC is used adjunctively for diabetes. Other diseases for which PPC is used adjuvantly are coronary heart disease, alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver (which affects more than 30 % of the world’s population), kidney disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, poisoning of the liver, for example by taking many drugs.

Our recommendation is to take a sufficient amount of PPC as a preventive measure. A Memphosan kit contains 60 capsules with 450 milligrams of PPC each. Taking 2×1 capsules is sufficient for prevention, for current problems we recommend taking 2×2 capsules.