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Extended Medicine Distance Learning Academy

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Extended Medicine Distance Learning Academy

Information and overview of the distance learning courses and individual courses

Nowadays, theory acquisition can be integrated much better into individual life circumstances by intelligent learning concepts. In NETWORK Extended Medicine, the first step of acquiring a new therapy with its own philosophical background is about the theoretical foundations.

We have decided to offer you the theory in a specially developed distance learning system instead of sending you to courses over and over again in the long term. This makes the study enormously cheaper because we do not need live lecturers whom we pay for their training and because you do not have to travel to the training locations and thus save travel and accommodation costs. This allows us to reduce the acquisition of therapeutic practice to a few on-site trainings where necessary.

As trained educators, we have thought a lot about the right way to convey theoretical knowledge and have deliberately decided against today’s webinar culture. We are deeply convinced that no one can take two pictures at the same time as a spoken text, but only one after the other. In the case of webinars, however, the typical use of PowerPoint, to which mainly the lecturers cling, is combined with the image of the lecturer. It is not possible for us as recipients to record both at the same time, despite multitasking. Therefore, we decided to record the learning units in the form of videos. In this case, the PowerPoint slides and the lecturer are not shown in parallel, but one after the other in a didactically correct way, while the verbal lecture of the lecturer continues. This didactic approach also has the advantage that they can learn when they have the time.

Our concept involves a longer lead time until the presentation on this homepage. However, in order to be able to offer you important information on each individual topic area already today, we have decided to publish interesting, publicly accessible individual lectures immediately. Individual lectures are important information, but not didactically structured learning units. The already didactically structured learning units will therefore be continuously expanded.