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Extended Medicine Distance Learning Academy – Classical Therapeutic Concepts

Classical Therapeutic Concepts

Information and overview of the distance learning courses and courses

The offers of the NETWORK Extended Medicine will expand continuously. You will find here the systematization of our theory and therapy offers for Extended Medicine, subject area Classical Therapeutic Concepts. In the section of Classical Therapeutic Concepts you will first find the therapies that we are currently working on or that we are already able to offer as a distance learning course. We make no claim to completeness, rather we are open to new therapies that can enrich and complement the spectrum of Extended Medicine.

By Classical Therapeutic Procedures we mean those that have been used in medicine for years such as Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ethnic Medicine Approaches, Kinesiology and Neural Therapy. To most of these medicine approaches there is more than one school, more than one therapy. You will find here first the innovative approach of David Corby, head of the College for Complementary Medicine from Sydney, Australia, whose foundations can be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine. David calls his approach Mind & Body Therapy. All other approaches listed here are still under construction.


The Mind & Body Therapy by David Corby

David Corby is director of the College of Complementary Medicine in Sydney, Australia. His therapeutic approach deals with extended possibilities of treatment of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, but also cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. His therapeutic approach must not be understood as directed against the “orthodox” medical treatment of these diseases, we consider it rather as a complementary extension.

The foundations of his therapeutic approach can be seen both in recent scientific findings on topics such as mitochondrial research, the microbiome, but also epigenetics and psychophysiology. In addition to these findings, Traditional Chinese Medicine with its treatment approach also plays a major role.

What is really new about his therapy is that he bases his diagnosis of the causes of disease on the basic emotional orientations prevailing in the patient. Starting from this basic psychological disposition, he designs a fascinating view of the holistic causes of a chronic disease, which he literally gets to the root of and thus changes the exchange of the individual with his environment, which has an impact on the entire life process of the organism.

Convincingly, he has systematized his therapy in such a way that he can assign his patients to fixed archetypes of Chinese medicine through a sequence of certain questions, thus making their emotional dynamics understandable.

As a therapeutic tool he uses mainly acupuncture.

His teaching system consists of theoretical acquisition through videos, opportunities for exchange via the Internet, and practical instruction in an intensive seminar.

Price for the entire course, when booking the entire package immediately = 1.490 € incl. VAT. (180 € savings compared to booking the individual modules). Click here to get to the course booking form: Book now
  • A script for each of sections 1-4 and 6 is available for download free of charge in German (section 5 is pure case studies).
  • Handouts for the PowerPoint presentations, if used in the video, are available for download free of charge in English.
  • Practical days and supervisions are charged extra.
David has divided his therapy appropriation into 6 sections:
  • Section 1: Fundamentals of Western Medicine (4 videos)
  • Section 2: Fundamentals of Extended Medicine (8 videos)
  • Section 3: Meridian progressions, emotions and diseases (7 videos)
  • Section 4: Categorizing symptoms and signs using Chinese diagnostics (7 videos).
  • Section 5: Case studies (10 videos)
  • Section 6: Practical application examples (7 videos)

A short free introduction to David Corby’s therapy concept can be found here:


We do not need to provide any information on homeopathy at this point, because it is generally known. What is important for you is that we are working on a concept for videolearning for this discipline as well.

If you are interested in further training in homeopathy, send us an email here. We will inform you immediately when the offer is available.

Lyme disease and co-infections - therapy and diagnostics

Four-part lecture cycle by Dr. Armin Schwarzbach, specialist in laboratory medicine

4×1 hour

Price: 180,— / For Members: 150,—

Course booking:

Lecture contents

On the one hand, the topic of Lyme disease is red-hot and, on the other hand, it is often not treated properly. Dr. Schwarzbach has been dealing with this infection for decades and has collected many new important findings, which – we are convinced – actually every medical professional needs to know. We at the network can therefore definitely recommend the cycle.

The chameleon Lyme disease is often underestimated. In particular, an extensive anamnesis is necessary to find out which diagnostic examinations are useful, because Borrelia bacteria often do not occur alone, but other bacteria and viruses are also introduced into the organism with the tick bite. As everyone knows, borreliosis is treated with antibiotics. For their therapeutic use, the various antibiotics are discussed.

Dr. Schwarzbach explains in detail the different stages of Lyme disease and which co-infections can frequently occur. In the last part of his lecture, he discusses other clinical pictures that can be accompanied by infections. He presents extensive study material on these investigations. In addition, his lecture is an impassioned plea to consider the possibility of other causes besides the diagnosed clinical picture in the case of unclear, chronic diseases. Numerous examples of disease progression provide insight into the practice of affected patients.

Here is a short introduction:

Neural therapy

Neural therapy was first discovered in 1925 by the two physicians Ferdinand and Walter Huneke. Since that time, theory and forms of application have developed considerably. In principle, it involves the injection of procaine at certain predefined points. These refer to Huneke’s energy pathways, which are much broader than the meridians of Chinese medicine, and whose nodes are used for the injections.

If you are interested in advanced training in neural therapy, send us an email here. We will inform you immediately when the offer is available.


Kinesiology is a diagnostic and therapeutic method based on muscle testing. Behind it is the view that the body indicates what is going on in it through unconscious reactions.

If you are interested in advanced training in kinesiology, send us an email here. We will inform you immediately when the offer is available.

Ethnic Medicine

We assume that a great potential of original and intuitive knowledge can be found in the procedures of many peoples and tribes. In the sense of the world medicine postulated by Grönemeyer, we do not want to do without these historical treasures. The research of good procedures is connected with difficulties, because about the therapies often no written records exist. Nevertheless, we are convinced that this research will be worthwhile.

If you are interested in further training in ethnic medicine or have access to the knowledge of ancient peoples and shamans yourself, send us an email here. We will inform you immediately when the offer is available.

Medical History

Dr. Dr. Matthias Trennheuser on the development of today’s medicine from alchemy.

Alchemy is commonly always associated with mythical origins. Dr. Trennheuser shows that, on the contrary, we are still living in the age of alchemy today and have not yet moved very far away from its origins. An instructive and at the same time amusing treatise on this seemingly foreign and yet so close to us world view.

Price for the lecture: 25,00 € bzw. 20,00 € for members of NETZWERK-Globalhealth

To book the lecture, simply click on “learn more” at the bottom of the “Alchemy” module. From there you can put it in the virtual “shopping cart”.