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The NETWORK – a strong community!

The Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine

Do you have questions about our courses or do you need registration documents?

Please contact Mrs. Anna Keller:
Phone: +49 – (0)2508-21 59-200
or send us an email: send e-mail

At the moment we only offer fixed dates for German speaking doctors.
If you are interested in a training course write an email. We collect requests by interested physicians.

Quality speaks for itself!

Ratings from over 250 courses: overall grade 1.4

Individual evaluations:
Organisation 1.3 – Materials handed out 1.5 – Quality of the units 1.3 – NETWORK Team 1.2

The Globalhealth Academy sees its task in providing medical professionals who would like to offer minimally invasive aesthetic procedures in their practice with the necessary tools to set up an aesthetic department. This includes well-prepared training courses in terms of content and didactics, hands-on training units if possible, communication of the scientific context, organisation of external test persons for the training courses as well as more general topics that support the establishment of an aesthetic practice. Independence and product neutrality are important basic conditions. In addition, we also offer qualified support and accessibility for participants after the training.

The aim in each course is to give you the confidence and all the tools you need to start implementing therapy straight away the next day.

With this programme, we address both beginners in aesthetic medicine and experienced practitioners. Courses that teach new therapy options have been reviewed in advance by the Academy’s advisory board.

Our main concern is not the application of a single therapy, but the long-term accompaniment of the patient in his or her continuous, age-related process of change.

With Extended Medicine we extend the spectrum of our offer to new or forgotten or complementary therapies and contents, as far as they are based on scientific evidence and have proven to be beneficial for health. For this purpose we use the medium of online courses (to the Extended-Medicine online offer).

In accordance with the preamble of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which defines health not as the absence of disease but as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”, we consider aesthetic and extended medicine as building blocks that contribute to this well-being for patients.

With warmest regards,
Dirk Brandl & Thorsten Heming
Spokesmen of NETWORK-Globalhealth