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Extended Medicine Distance Learning Academy – Dietary procedures

Dietary procedures

Overview of the department

In this specialist area, we have summarised therapy offers that deal with influencing our nutrition in order to improve our health. We are not primarily talking about the area of weight reduction here, although this topic will also be dealt with in the future, but about 2 therapies that assume that our diet has a very strong influence on our health, orthomolecular medicine, which was first brought into play by the Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling as a solution for certain diseases of civilisation, and which today forms an important branch of complementary therapies, and by Nutripuncture® therapy, which was developed by the French physician Dr. Patrick Veret. With Ketogenic Diet we are also entering the field of weight loss.

Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular medicine is often mistakenly equated with taking food supplements. We try to take a more differentiated view here. What seems important to us in this approach is that it is undisputed that our current diet, especially with fast food, does not contribute to generating a healthy metabolism and thus, of course, to the supply of body-relevant substances into the cell.

If you are interested in Orthomolecular Medicine, please send us an email here. We will inform you immediately when this service is available.


Dr. Patrick Veret, a Parisian medical doctor has been working for more than 30 years on the subject of treating chronic diseases and the human being as a self-regulating and self-healing system. Let’s let Dr. Veret and his team talk about Nutripuncture® themselves: “Nutripuncture® is a new method that uses innovative nutrient elements that directly address the intelligence of the organism. These nutrient elements are “information elements” in the true sense of the word, consisting of trace element complexes that strengthen the vitality of the organism. It is not a form of therapy, but an approach that looks at the human being as a whole. Nutripuncture® is a tool with which the individual terrain of a person – prone to psychosomatic, functional or biological disorders – can be strengthened. Such a terrain can develop deeper damage over time.”

We are planning in the near future, together with Dr. Veret and his team, to teach Nutripuncture® as a method through distance learning units.

If you are interested in the Nutripuncture® therapy, send us an email here</em. We will inform you immediately when this service is available.

Ketogenic diet according to the Tisanoreica method

In the metabolism, proteins can be converted to approx. 50% glucose and fats to only approx. 10% glucose due to their low glycerol content, in order to maintain the blood sugar level and thus supply the brain in particular with energy. In a state of hunger, the body first falls back on its glycogen reserves (storage form of carbohydrates in the liver) and then increasingly switches to a starvation metabolism. This type of metabolism is characterised, among other things, by the fact that the fatty acids derived from food are broken down in the liver into ketone bodies, which are then supposed to efficiently cover the energy demand, especially the energy demand of the brain, in an alternative way instead of glucose. This desired metabolic state is called ketosis. In the ketogenic diet, sugar and carbohydrates are largely avoided. In the Tisanoreica method, substitutes can be added that can eliminate the feeling of hunger.

If you are interested in the Ketogenic Tisanoreica Diet Therapy, send us an email here. We will inform you immediately when this service is available.