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»Compositional aesthetics of the face«

Practice-oriented advanced training of a uniform philosophy of facial treatment

At the moment we only offer fixed dates for German speaking doctors.
If you are interested in a training course write an email, we collect interested physicians.

This advanced training is aimed at all medical practitioners who want to include aesthetic treatments in their practice or who want to establish an aesthetically oriented practice.

The following questions are addressed:

  • Aims of an aesthetic intervention – what is to be changed and where?
  • Aesthetic procedures – what can be used to achieve the goals and which procedures are appropriate for the specific practice?
  • Market of aesthetics – where is aesthetic medicine heading?
  • Aesthetic medicine and society – what must the aesthetic physician reckon with?
  • The aesthetic patient – what are the differences?
  • The aesthetics practice – what should be considered?
  • Indication and procedure – which criteria determine the selection?
  • Dealing with aesthetic patients – what does the patient want and what would be appropriate?
  • Economics of aesthetic treatment – what can a treatment cost?
  • Treatment process – what are the individual components and combinations of a treatment?
  • Analysis – which aspects of aesthetic optimisation should be considered?
  • Treatment plan – what is treated and in what order?

With the contents presented here, the lecturer provides a comprehensive and structured introduction to the topic in order to accompany beginners on their first steps into the world of aesthetic medicine.

The online training is in preparation – we still ask for a little patience.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact Mrs. Anna Keller:
Phone: +49 – (0)2508-21 59-200
or send an email: send e-mail

Workshop Participants Feedback

“Very practical and relevant!”
Dr. Lidia Poppe, D

“I am very satisfied, have good experiences and satisfied patients. I find the short distances and prompt answers of the NETWORK very pleasant, keep it up!”
Dr. Uta Schlossberger, D

“Through the development of the protocols and the networking of knowledge, one experiences great support.”
Dr. Andreas Hahn, D

“The workshop absolutely convinced me. Very professional design, competence and friendliness. Learned a lot!”
Dr. Claudia Blazek, CH

“Your courses were sensational, I have never learned so much as I did with you. I appreciate the sincerity and accuracy of your lectures. In most previous workshops or courses, colleagues kept important information and tips for good success to themselves. Through your courses, many questions that were still open for me could finally be answered. It was also a lot of fun!”
Maja Henke, D

“Absolutely competent training in one day with imparting a high level of safety!”
Dr. Moritz Tellmann, D

“A course that is hard to beat for efficiency in terms of time investment and both theoretical and practical learning.”
Aylin Urmersbach, D