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NETWORK Extended Medicine

Your benefits

What does that mean for you, dear interested party?

The good news is you don’t have to become a disciple or follower of any ideology, as a doctor you are your own sovereign.

Years of training are often not helpful in your practice to use other therapies sometimes. However, our services are no substitute for a regular training in respective areas. They are intended to be an addition, which applies a complete concept in itself.

Learn from colleagues who have taken the trouble to conduct independent research and studies and have transferred these into a meaningful diagnostic or therapeutic process and learning opportunity, thereby expanding their therapeutic tools, and acquiring complementary additional training or education. Often these are tailored to specific disciplines. Keep in mind that the success of therapeutic work always depends on the experience gained during one´s work. This is especially true when using energetic therapies. That is why our teaching units always include the theoretical basics and offer practical units where appropriate.

The NETWORK Globalhealth offers you this unique opportunity to learn from many areas of Extended Medicine, in any case to inform yourself, because we try do design successful offers through our international contacts and offer them in the form of distance learning units.

These offers for further development can be booked as distance learning units that you can access and learn online. You determine the time frame and the intensity of the learning workload yourself. You are not limited in time and place. You have already completed a course of study and can determine your own learning rhythm based on didactically qualified materials. We consider that schooling is over the top in the field of extended medicine. In parallel, you will receive distance learning materials and tests.

This includes online meetings for some learning units, practical learning units with colleagues or the trainers, colloquia and tests or exams.

You will receive a certificate in the end. We will take care of the framework for the recognition o these certificates, as we have already established in the network for minimally invasive aesthetic medicine, including insurance companies, etc.

The price per course is calculated from these components. (See specific offers)

The network is represented by Dr Gisela Reifferscheidt-Gundermann and Dr Michael Dirk Wagener, who addressable by everyone. The network itself is operated by Lichtblick GmbH and moderated by Antje Kruse.

By booking a study unit, you also receive 1 year of support b< the NETWORK Globalhealth. This fee and the membership fee that follows the expiration of the first year is between 50 and 200 EUR per year depending on the scope of booking and will be invoiced again annually. Concellation is possible annually.

This arrangement has the advantage that you are regularly informed by newsletters about relevant global medical events, that you can put the exchange with your colleagues into practice, are looked after by the network and their spokesmen, receive interested patient enquiries via our network and last but not least have the advantage of being able to order inexpensive, highly qualified goods and marketing materials from our range of products, which help you to expand your practice offer.

The network is always at your disposal. We are going to celebrate our 18th anniversary in 2022 and to date have been appeared in the field of aesthetic medicine and have ensured standardisation in this problematic area of medicine.

Our members are closely connected with us and appreciate the contact and communication they can maintain with each other within the network. Many of them work as lecturers in our Academy and have thus found a new field of activity.

You are welcome to join as an apprentice or employee.

The network is independent from companies. This does not mean that there is no cooperation, you can benefit from the price-performance ratio. We will make this connection transparent for you, it never has a unique selling proposition and does not have to be used by you. There will never be any influence from companies on the work and the offer of the network.

As the network provides several social services to its members – for example, the are regularly contacted and provided with information – it often needs support of sponsors.

Please also read our Globalhealth philosophy: