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Photo documentation

Photographic treatment documentation in aesthetic medicine

Your lecturer: Dirk Brandl

Graduate Photographic Engineer

(Speaker of NETWORK-Globalhealth)

In most surgeries, there is a risk of incorrect or insufficient photo documentation of the services provided. The reasons for this neglect are diverse: incorrect selection of the room, several different assistants carrying out the documentation, lack of knowledge about the conditions of good documentation as well as ignorance of the technical requirements.

The referred standards are the foundation of the general rules for taking documentation photos in aesthetic medicine valid today.

Your lecturer Dirk Brandl will tell you how he acquired the standards and can present all the important aspects that lead to the viewer of before and after pictures to focus exclusively on the result of treatments.

This course teaches both physicians and assistants all the important basics in an easily reproducible manner. Special attention is paid to the implementation in one’s own surgery, which should not require a separate room or large technical equipment.

The participation of assistants is expressly desired.


In addition, use the Ebook “Photographic documentation in aesthetic medicine and dermatology” (Apple iBook Store) .

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