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Vita-Balance Cure

Information for patients

Note: For doctors we have a separate information page about our Faculty of CRT.

A Cell Rejuventation Therapy (CRT) as a treatment option for recovery of the entire body

We are getting older and older, and who doesn’t want to be as vital as possible in old age and keep their quality of life at a good level?

With increasing age, a large number of changes take place, which are reflected, among other things, at the cellular level. Environmental toxins, drugs, stress, unhealthy nutrition all contribute to changes in the functionality of cell walls (also called cell membranes). Membrane flexibility, enzyme activities, transport functions and information mediation between the cells and within cell plasma and cell nucleus take place at a slower pace, and thus the functionality of the associated organs (such as liver, kidney, intestine, pancreas, brain and skin) also decreases.

In order to reduce and prevent these changes and age-related damage and to slow down the aging process, this is exactly where the Vita-Balance cure comes in.

What is the Vita-Balance cure?

It is an infusion cure with natural, in particular polyunsaturated phosphatidycholines (PPC, also known as Lecithin), which are obtained from the soya bean through a special extraction process and act directly on the cell membranes. The PPC accumulates a substance in the membranes of the body, the dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine, which is normally only present in traces in our body.

The membranes of the cells experience a regenerating and performance-enhancing effect through this special substance with the Vita-Balance PPC infusion. The Vita-Balance cure can also provide effective support when endurance, memory and detoxification processes are diminishing.

Of course, a comprehensive consultation with your doctor about the possibilities of the cure, but also its possible individual risks, is absolutely necessary. Your attending physician will advise you comprehensively on all questions.

The supply of our lecithin, which is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, causes the membranes to become more flexible/fluid and vital again. The cell can absorb and process nutrients better and transport waste products better. The viability of the cell is increased. There are over 1000 studies on this subject.

Application areas of the Vita-Balance cure

Important note: The treatment of the signs of ageing listed here has been proven by the published studies. However, it cannot be predicted how PPC will work in each individual case. This is where personal advice from an experienced user is important.

    • For liver protection and liver cell therapy, especially for fatty liver (30% of all adults in Europe have fatty liver).
    • For detoxification (detox) of the liver
    • For lipometabolic disorders and arteriosclerosis
    • For rheumatic diseases
    • For gastrointestinal inflammatory processes such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease
    • For stress and burn-out syndrome
    • For protection against free radicals
    • For certain skin diseases
    • In the metabolic syndrome
    • For support in neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia
    • For tinitus
    • For coronary heart disease
    • For memory and concentration disorders
    • For improving fertility
    • In case of lack of endurance

Treatment process

Even though the proof of numerous improvements of the most diverse clinical pictures has been proven by a multitude of studies, an exact diagnosis, including an analysis of the blood values, is required. All medical questions can only be clarified together with your attending physician.

In our experience, the optimum is 10 infusions at relatively short intervals – daily or 2 to 3 times a week. The duration of each infusion is 30 to 60 minutes.

A pharmacy cooperating with the network has developed an active substance whose molecules could be reduced to nano size. This particle size makes it possible to inject the active ingredient directly and thus reduce the treatment time to a few minutes.

Of course, the doctors of NETWORK Extended Medicine know that many patients take numerous medicines for different diseases at the same time because of their chronic diseases (called multimorbidity). We handle this very carefully and do not usually advise simply discontinuing these preparations.

Therefore, the cure is initially carried out as a supplement (adjuvant). Often, however, the dosages of the medicines taken so far can be reduced after some time. Please be sure to discuss any changes with your doctor.

Food supplement of PPC

The specialist for PPC, Dr. med. habil. Dr. rer. nat. Karl-Josef Gundermann, has also developed a PPC variant for the network that can be taken by patients in capsule form. The network recommends taking the infusion or injection cure 2-3 times a year. In the meantime, the PPC content in the body should be supplemented by the dietary supplement Memphosan.

The NETWORK-Globalhealth and the Globalhealth Academy for Aesthetic Medicine

The Globalhealth Network is an international network of physicians with over 2000 members in 64 countries. The Globalhealth Academy has developed a training concept for non-surgical aesthetic procedures and has been training these procedures for several years. Competent trainers and lecturers who enjoy high international recognition are engaged. New developments are passed on to the members in continuous advanced training courses. The basic principle of the Academy is to conduct only objective and neutral training courses.
Further information is available from your NETWORK doctor.

Consent and information

Comprehensive patient information about the offered therapy is a special concern for NETWORK doctors in order to provide you as a patient with a sound basis for decision-making. Advice on treatment options as well as objective information on all potential risks and side effects is a necessary and intended component of any treatment and the basis of a trusting and long-term relationship between patient and attending physician. Information about possible alternative treatment options is also part of a serious consultation.

Note: This general information about the Vita-Balance cure can in no way replace an explanation by your attending physician!

You can find more information on taking PPC on the independent patient blog A Beautiful Health.