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    Your involvement

    Your involvement in the NETWORK-Globalhealth is both possible and desirable at every structural level. It may begin with the participation in a training workshop or certification for a new therapy. But it can equally well start at the Globalhealth level. Membership in the NETWORK-Globalhealth is only open to registered doctors and dentists. Your interest determines where you join in. Do you feel inspired by the network idea in general? If so, the top network level is probably the best place for you to come on board. Or are you interested in one of our training courses or sub-networks? Some training courses already include one year’s free membership, while others offer the possibility to join the Network on favourable terms.

    What is a network?

    This is not a question that can be answered in a few words. Therefore please also see the article “Network-Building”. In the last 100 years, the knowledge of networks, their patterns, structures and development conditions has grown enormously. We do not even wish to arouse the impression that a brief summary is possible. We merely wish to state that we concern ourselves on a general level with this topic because we hold the view that knowledge of the scientific basis is essential if we are to be able to provide appropriate moderation for a network. We reserve the right to integrate further results of network research into the structure of the NETWORK-Globalhealth.

    A network is created on the basis of interrelationship patterns which can best be described with the aid of mathematical models of the kind developed in chaos theory and complex mathematics. The possibility demonstrated mathematically in chaos theory, namely that the beat of a butterfly’s wing can trigger a change that in another part of the world is able to cause a hurricane (“butterfly effect”) is a good metaphor for the assumption in network theory that everything depends on everything else and that nothing is insignificant or negligible, but rather that everything is connected with everything else.

    A further important realisation was that so-called dissipative structures form the basis for all network-building, including social networks. Dissipative structures develop wherever systems are not in a state of equilibrium. The human organism is a very good example of a structure of this kind. The characteristic feature of such structures are their self-organisation abilities or autopoiesis, which was described for the first time by Maturana/Varela. The idea is that energy is constantly flowing through the body, and many of the conditions within which it exists are constantly changing, and yet relatively stable structures arise which are able to cope with very great fluctuations without collapsing. Today, scientific theory proceeds on the daring hypothesis that every living thing forms such a structure and that life must be defined by this criterion.

    In these terms, also our planet must be seen as a living system (“Gaia hypothesis”), which is constantly exposed to great fluctuations without changing its fixed parameters.

    What is the NETWORK-Globalhealth?

    At present, the NETWORK-Globalhealth is a vision developed by a number of committed network specialists and physicians. It gathers information on new therapy approaches or specially qualified training offerings. Its structure is that of a superordinated network that repeatedly branches downwards, i.e. that forms networks nesting within networks. Not only purely medical issues, but also economic and personal considerations play a major role in the NETWORK-Globalhealth. And in contrast to institutions with a hierarchical organisation, the NETWORK-Globalhealth has a completely different structure: Each member is responsible for the state of the NETWORK and is involved in its development. New therapy proposals are tested by the members in a coordinated process to determine their fitness and what benefits they offer for the patients. Business support for doctors is becoming a matter of increasing importance, whereby medical marketing, cost effectiveness accounting and innovativeness are only different sides of one and the same medallion.

    An example for a network that already exists or is in the process of formation is the NETWORK-Aesthetics, which is concerned with new, minimal invasive therapies in the field of aesthetic medicine. A therapy network within the NETWORK-Aesthetics is the already existing NETWORK-Lipolysis / NETZWERK-Lipolyse.

    Who are the initiators of the NETWORK-Globalhealth?

    The initiators are two specialists in network building, Ulrich Bunzek and Dirk Brandl, Speakers of the NETWORK-Globalhealth, and the more than 500 doctors from 36 countries who are already members of the NETWORK-Aesthetics. In the medical field, the Network is currently represented by Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner, of Austria, its Medical and Scientific Director.

    What can you do for us?

    Have you yourself developed a new medical or dental therapy which you would like to see multiplied?

    Are you especially qualified in offering existing therapies in combination? Do you know a therapy which you regard as suitable for multiplication?

    Do you know a colleague who has a new or special therapy offering?

    Would you like to become a Network member and be involved in building the NETWORK-Globalhealth?

    Would you like to use the synergy effects of the Network?

    Would you like to cooperate with other colleagues as a change from the daily competitive pressure?

    If your answer to any of these questions is yes, please contact us and discuss your particular interest or issue with us.


    Dirk Brandl

    Phone 0049 - 171 - 64 18 249

    Email: brandl@network-globalhealth.com

    What can we do for you?

    ➢ Training

    You can make use of the training courses offered by the Network and become certified in new forms of therapy.


    ➢ Marketing

    We will support and expand your medical work through medical marketing.


    ➢ Fair proof

    If you wish to offer a new therapy development, we can promise you fair study and review of your proposal. In this case, please take note of the information and use the forms provided at: How to offer a new therapy?


    ➢ Therapy test

    Around the new therapy, we will build a new therapy network in which all certified members can participate in the further development of the therapy standard and the training.


    ➢ Certification

    Our training courses are demanding and to a high quality standard and give you an advantage over your colleagues. Wherever possible, we try to obtain certification from the national authorities. Workshop courses in Germany are always submitted to the respective medical registration boards for certification.


    ➢ Collaboration

    We are able to make your name known throughout the world if you have a new therapy offering.



    Membership in the NETWORK-Globalhealth is open to all registered doctors and dentists. The NETWORK Charter stipulates the conditions for cooperation within the Network. Members can attend all the training courses offered at reduced rates.

    Membership costs EURO 580 annually.


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